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pete golden

+Bonus+ LOW LEVEL FINAL GLIDE - Scary but possible - How to return to Unterwössen safely

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Duration: 00:04:04
I'm very happy to respond to the requests from the growing community on this channel and to present a bonus version of the LOW-LEVEL FINAL GLIDE video. This time, there are no comments or cuts—only pure flying and additional flight statistics.

A final glide after a long xc-flight is always a critical point and highlight of the whole flight. Follow me in this video through a highspeed low level final glide from a seemingly hopeless position. I take you on this training flight flying a parcours through tight valleys from a low position and without having the airfield in sight.

Please note that I am a learning glider pilot, sharing with you my experiences and the magic of soaring, including my mistakes and goodtakes, aiming to make this sport better and safer together.

00:00 Intro
00:22 1st checkpoint: Steinplatte
00:48 2nd checkpoint: left turn to Reit im Winkl
02:07 3nd checkpoint: entering the valley of Reit im Winkl
02:32 4th checkpoint: passing the antenna
03:00 5th checkpoint: passing Oberwössen
03:32 6th checkpoint: arriving in Unterwössen
03:48 7th checkpoint: arriving at the airfield

Check out the flight at:
Date: 8.7.2023
Airfield: Unterwössen @deutschealpensegelflugschu7668
Glider: HpH 304 CZ
Camera: Insta360 One X2 @insta360
Wingman: @the.flying.adventure
Navigation app:
Music: The Dutchman – Mintz (
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