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  • Learn To Fly Gliders!


    Potential students are screened by flight instructors certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and receive ground instruction using FAA approved curricula.

    Students receive training with our certified glider instructors in all aspects of flight control, Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations, meteorology affecting soaring, and everything else required to become a licensed glider pilot. Freedoms wings provides all instruction, free of charge.

    Glider Pilots Training

    To become a successfully licensed glider pilot freedoms wings provides all the training and support you need. Some individual studying is required beyond the provided training to pass written exams, however we provide the following:

    • Flight training- from day 1, you will learn, hands on stick. Starting slow with gentle turns, coordination, speed control and thermalling (conditions permitting) then move on to stalls, tows, takeoffs, patterns, and finally landings. You will learn recovery from spins, and may do some aerobatics as well. Flight training gets you ready for your 1st flight solo. Flight training continues after your 1st of many solo flights until you pass your written exam, and finally your flight checkout to receive your glider pilots rating.
    • Ground training- Ground training includes, but is not limited to, flight basics, the operation and function of all glider systems, controls, instrumentation, and the effects of each part on performance and safety.
    • Individual study- Student pilots will be required to study relevant materials, in order to pass written and verbal exams. These include manuals that cover the basics of glider flight, flight theory in general, weather and terrain factors that affect soaring flight, the federal aviation regulations (far's) and airmans information manual (aim's) in order to prepare for your written and oral exams.

    The flying season runs from April 1 to December 1 each year.