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    Freedom's Wings International Inc.
    51 Tulip St.
    Summit, NJ 07901
  • Fund Raising Goals

    We have 2 Grob 103's that costs us about 13,000 to maintain and insure. Also for tow fees for fixed or low income individuals. This year, we are way behind on funding goals with many future plans for FWI.


    •  We would like to provide hand controls for multiple planes owned by other operations to spread the availability.
    •  We would like to replace our aging gliders.  
    •  We have several pilots able to fly at competition level. We would also like to have one high performance glider worthy of their skills.
    •  We need to have one of the Grob's available for demonstrations, events, inspirational flights, or traveling.

    We have been doing this for 35 years to help others while having minimal funds, however this year we have a big goal.

    Our pilots already hold state records, and compete in regional competitions. We have introduced a huge number of disabled individuals to the sport of soaring, changing many lives in the process, lifting people out of their wheelchairs, and among the clouds.

    This year,we have the lofty goal of raising 150 times what we have in the past, getting at least 1 ask 21 mi self launching motor glider.


    The following year a second ask 21 without the motor, and look into a used, but competition level glider.

    Besides upgrading our aging gliders, we hope to assist in outfitting 100 other gliders worldwide owned by other clubs with hand controls.

    Soaring is a passion to every glider pilot who ever got the opportunity to soar. Soaring to a disabled pilot, who might not be able to walk, but can still soar high, far, fast, and free... That transcends passion.

    With your help, you can help us help 100 other clubs convert their gliders with hand controls too.

    Give thousands wings who may have lost leg.

    What you are able to donate determines just how much we can do,so please share  and donate what you can.

    Better yet, follow the directions here , and become a sponsor , support us on an ongoing basis.

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    Freedom's Wings International Inc.
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