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  • What Is Soaring


    Soaring is the adventure into the world of silent flight. Sailplanes, or gliders, are special aircraft which have no engines. Sailplanes are towed into the sky by a powered airplane and then released for a quiet glide back to the airport or when conditions permit, sailplane pilots challenge gravity using natural currents in the air.

    An introductory flight generally lasts 20 minutes while an instructional flight, where pilot and student are working to gain altitude by riding rising thermal currents, may last for as long as a few hours.

    Soaring is a challenge, you against nature, against yourself, against gravity. Soaring has grown to be a highly competitive sport with the limits being pushed farther and farther all the time. An extreme example of which is the perlan 2 space glider, a high performance sailplane designed to reach higher then any winged craft ever flew.

    Soaring can range from the most peaceful relaxing flights of purest serenity, to extreme  aerobatics, and racing at top speeds extremely close to mountains.

    Soaring offers it all, from peacefulness, and environmental friendliness, to fast paced, heart pounding joy inducing flights of a lifetime.