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  • Fly With Us


    Freedom's Wings International offers a variety of ways to introduce soaring to people with disabilities.

    Something magical happens when people with disabilities are introduced to the sport of soaring. The first moment a disabled person lifts off the ground watching their wheelchairs left behind on the ground, and climb high to soar above, not only the abandoned wheelchair, but disability itself.

    Let us share the beauty and freedom of flight with you.

    Our experienced pilots, and there's ~50% probability your pilot is paraplegic , can take you for a ride .

    Any one of our experienced pilots are always excited to give anyone an introductory ride. Many of our disabled pilots have reached great heights and gone real far, setting state records and winning regional competitions. Come along for the ride of a lifetime with freedoms wings pilots. You're guaranteed to land with a smile.

    Our certified instructors can teach you to fly .

    Freedoms Wings International teaches people with disabilities to fly sailplanes (sometimes called gliders), to obtain their private pilots license. Once you are licensed to fly, our planes are yours to fly. You may also continue training to obtain a commercial pilots rating, and instructors rating.

    Our Outreach program can come to you.

    Freedoms Wings International can bring our glider to you! Freedoms wings, from our foundation is determined to bring the love of soaring to disabled individuals everywhere. We have hosted international students, brought our planes to many events both related to soaring, and disabilities.