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3 topics pete golden

First Flight To Solo

» Discussions of lessons, and experiences from first flight to solo in a glider, as a student pilot.
0 topics madison123

Lesson Analysis

» After each lesson, you can review what you learned, how your skills have improved, and what still feels sloppy.
0 topics CurtisShore

First Solo

» The first time your instructor sets you free to fly solo, is a flight you will never forget! So go ahead, it's ok to brag! You made it, the sky is yours!
0 topics elvafeng

Preparing For Your written Test

» Preparing for your written test can be difficult, there is a great deal you need to know. Although you can pass with a score below 100%, only a 100% correct score is acceptable! You cannot afford to have 1 answer memorized incorrectly while in flight. Use this forum as a study guide.
0 topics elvafeng

Reviewing Your Written Test Results

» Got some questions wrong on your written test? It happens. But these questions need extra study and review. Sharing what you got wrong may help others get those answers right.
0 topics elvafeng

Preparing For Your Flight Test And Glider Pilots Certificate

» Finally, the moment has arrived, you are about to become a fully certified glider pilot! But are you prepared? Every question you got wrong on the written test will be reviewed, over and over. Your emergency situation preparedness will be stringently evaluated. You are likely to face unexpected challenges like a simulated rope break at 200 feet. Even in some cases he tow pilot may simulate an engine failure. Your reactions to a wide range of unexpected situations maybe evaluated. You must be prepared for any and all out of the ordinary conditions that may come up in even the most demanding flight situations.
0 topics qizhen0809

Transitioning From Powered Flight

» Were you a pilot before transitioning to gliders? Unpowered flight requires a whole different skill set then powered flight. Here we will discuss the differences.
2 topics jackmarison93

Tales Of Highs And Lows

» Tales of your best flights, highest altitudes reached, low saves, and anything else related to the exhilaration of unpowered soaring flight.