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Speed record in a Duo Discus | Gliding | 100km FAI triangle

category: competitive
Duration: 00:06:17
An attempt at the Australian 20m class 100km triangle speed record (trying saying that five times fast) out of Narromine, NSW. The pilots are myself in the front seat there and Matt Gage - we're flying in the Geelong Gliding Club Duo Discus! It was about 46˚C on the ground that day, so we were very happy when we finally got in the air. We started our task at about 3500m, and finished a touch over 2700m, finishing with a speed of 163.11kph. The climbs went to almost 4300m, where we climbed to later on.

The record claim's completed and we've got the Australian National record with a speed of 163.18kph!
Narromine Gliding Club -

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