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pete golden

[HD] Push The Limit - Soaring Above The Alps [Part1]

category: ridge
Duration: 00:04:30
This is a promotion Video for the LOEWE Company made by Castor-Film Production, filmed in Austria (LOIH) and Switzerland.
The film was shot 3 days off a Dornier D0 27 HDCam over the Lake Constance region.
Pilots of the DG-500 and LS-8 were Braitmaier and Sven Oliver Kolb
The camera plane was piloted by Hans-Jürgen Götz.
The planes of the shooting were placed on the amateur pilot group Dornbirn.

This promotional material is property of its respective owners and I DO NOT claim any rights upon it whatsoever.
Music: Sonique - Sky - Copyright of UMG
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