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Wave Soaring North of the Polar Circle - Kebnekaise Wave Soaring Camp

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Duration: 00:48:55
The 55:th camp will be organised this year at 19.mar.2016 - 03.Apr.2016, welcome.

Every year since 1962 Glider pilots from all around have gathered at the Lake Paittasjärvi near Kebnekaise in the Swedish Lapland at Easter for two weeks of ultimate wave soaring. The place is know for good waves from all wind directions except east and Easterly wind is very rear during the spring time.

On the lake Paittasjärvi a runway system is plowed up , with aircraft parking areas and two runways. The plowed surface responds to about 50 football fields.

During the two weeks of camp more takeoffs and landings take place here than at the Arlanda international airport during the same time. Involving more than100 pilots, and over 30 gliders.

You can find more information about the camp (in swedish) at and if you wonder where it is located have a look at this link:
Further information requests can be sent to

Special thanks goes to all the people involved in making this wonderful camp possible
Pekka Pannula, Stig Lundmark, Krister Björk, Lennart Jonasson, Kjell Oscarsson, Håkan Stålnakke, Sven Larsson and Patrik Isaksson and also to all those I have probably left out. It is no easy task to organize a camp this magnificent.

I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have if I cannot answer I know the guys who can :).
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