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pete golden

Out of the chair and into the sky

user image 2018-05-02
By: pete golden
Posted in: Glider pilot student
Out of the chair and into the sky

Wheelchairs, they feel like such a trap when we first find ourselves in one. But confine, is a state of mind.

DSCN1190.JPG.jpg When you have your 1st experience of freedom on freedoms wings, you rise up out of your chair, into the sky. An empty wheelchair left useless and unneeded discarded by the side of the runway.

Up you go, no longer disabled, at a disadvantage to others, no, now you are the master, the master of the sky. Others may wobble around on legs, like insects scurrying far below. But on wings of freedom only the eagle is your equal.

The ability to walk seems so meaningless as your wings carry you to the clouds.

Those who walk below are nothing but a speck, or perhaps a hiker along a ridge line you wave at, as you do a loop or 2 before soaring off into the distance. Man has walked upon the earth for thousands of years looking to the birds in the sky and dreaming to fly.

If walking upon the earth has become a struggle, reach for the sky. Fly baby fly!

It has been the dream of so many who walked upon the earth, and now the realization of a few who cannot.

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