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pete golden

glider assembly blairstown airport

glider assembly blairstown airport

Saturday April 8 2017, 11:00 AM
@ blairstown airport blairstown nj
Attendees:  @pete golden

We will be assembling the glider (217) this Saturday April 8th at Blllarstown airport Blairstown NJ. starting at around 11 am.

4-6 able bodied volunteers would be very helpful.

Weather permitting we hope to be able to  finish the day with a couple  quick glider rides.

Rough schedule:

The plane will be towed in trailer to the airport arriving by around 11 am. Assembly of the glider with 4-6 heavy lifters should  take about an hour. By 12 we should be able to move on to  washing  the plane, sealing it and waxing it.

If we have an instructor on hand who is current we may be able to give each volunteer a quick glider flight.

Any disabled individuals new to freedoms wings are welcome, and may be offered a priority ride, as long as you print and sign the waiver form on our take a ride page .

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