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Volunteers needed for unique aviation program

pete golden
pete golden
6 years ago
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freedoms wings needs volunteers both locally, and remotely. (volunteers often get a chance to fly if in the area)
remote or local:

fundraisers - identify and make contacts with potential donors, and/or organize fundraising events.

Grant writers - we already have a dedicated volunteer grant writer, who has volunteered for 10 years after taking only 1 single flight in the 10 years. but he only writes grants for events, not general funding.

field manager - part time/spare time should take the SSA wingrunners course and know the basics of glider ground handling and preflight safety. may also help disabled riders and pilots into the cockpit.

CFIG - certified flight instructor glider, we know this is a long shot since we are an all volunteer organization, but we currently have a real shortage of active instructors. In the past more then 1/2 of our cfig's were disabled, and we soon should have a new disabled cfig (next year) but we could use 4-6 more.

Chief safety officer.- we have always had an outstanding safety record. Even with multiple record breaking flights, we have only had 1 off field landing in 38 years! Our chief safety officer has decided to step down this year. This should be someone with strong aviation background, military or civilian. Only duty is to ensure we remain one of the safest soaring clubs in the country.

We fly out of PA NJ and NY in USA

It will be extremely hard to find volunteers for the CFIG and safety manager positions so please share this post widely.

head dreadhead at dreadlocks site
glider pilot student with freedoms wings international soaring for people with disabilities
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