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Glider Basics

» The basics of glider flight.
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Soaring Basics

» Soaring Flight Basics, knowing the basics of soaring flight will help your in flight training go much faster.
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AeroTow And Winch Launch Basics

» Everything you need to know to get off the ground, including adverse conditions like cross winds, and being prepared for rope breaks at low altitudes.
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Patern And Landing Basics

» Learn to judge angles, maintain proper pattern speeds, use of spoilers to increase decent rates, and landing procedures for cross wind and low approach conditions.
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Soaring Weather and Meteorology

» Weather and meteorology that affects soaring and glider flights.
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Cross Country Soaring Navigation and Decision Making

» Cross country soaring offers more challenges then soaring at a local home airport, but requires more skill, proper decisions to ensure a safe flight, as well as navigation skills.
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Soaring Simulators

» Many of our students, and pilots alike use soaring simulators to hone their skills. It especially is a great way to practice flying skills when you are unable to fly.
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Mistakes Made And Lessons Learned

» Made some mistakes on your last flight? It happens, but the time to review, and learn your lessons is while safely on the ground!