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Crystal Skies - A glider flight into the Ecrins

category: general
Duration: 00:46:20
This all the tail-cam footage of a flight from La Motte du Caire to Glacier Blanc set to the music of Achillea from the Nine Worlds Album. Again using some time warping and cutting out most of the the long thermal climbs to compress 2hrs of video down to about 45minutes. I really am chuffed with the quality of the GoproHero3 footage, it really makes me feel like I'm back in that spectacular landscape.

1 Prelude
2 Bangnarok - Twilightof the Gods
3 Odin's Hill
4 The Monks Of Lindisfarne
5 Cape Porcupine
6 The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming)
7 Land Of The Elves
8 Shears From Scar
9 The Nine Worlds
10 Staraja Ladoga
11 Othila - The Rune Masters
12 Achillea - Exodus

Flight Trace :
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