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Glider Pilot Confessions - 2 Turns that Almost Killed Me

category: ridge
Duration: 00:08:53
A glider pilot shares cockpit video of turning too close to mountains where the sailplane almost crashes into the rocks/trees. Both instances shown were purely pilot error and I was lucky to survive. This is a good lesson to always keep your situational awareness when flying close to terrain. Remember that the wind is likely trying to blow you into the mountain as you turn to the side of it. One mistake flying low in the mountains will be fatal 95+% of the time if the glider hits the terrain. The first video was taken on Mount Nebo near Nephi, Utah. The second video was taken on the western side of Elkhorn Peak north of Malad Idaho. I hope you really enjoy this video, maybe learned a few things, and use it as a reminder to fly safely in the mountains. The glider in this video is an ASW 20BL, 15 meter racing glider. Thanks so much for watching! Bruno - B4
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