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Glider Pilot Shooting Through Gaps in Salt River Mountains

category: ridge
Duration: 00:44:18
I am so excited to share gliding Wyoming's Salt River Mountain range with all of you! There are lots of scenes shooting through ridge gaps at speeds well over 100+ mph with the wing tips just feet away from trees. I share my decision making process to try and not kill myself up here in the mountains. It was pretty exciting in the cockpit and this video does a pretty good job sharing that excitement back on the ground.

The glider is a high performance ASW27B 15-meter (50 feet) wingspan racing sailplane. It is capable of flying 180 miles per hour and can glide 48 feet forward for every foot dropped. I took off from Logan, Utah during a fun mountain flying camp where we had 40 gliders come from all over the country to fly the mountains. This flight was the highlight of my week. Expect another video from this same flight going southbound while following my friends in their Arcus super ship glider. Thanks so much for watching and I always love to see your comments and questions! Bruno - B4

Here is a link to the OLC for this flight:
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