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Kris Lapinski

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Kris Lapinski
@kris-lapinski • last year • comments: 1
Posted a new experience:
My instructor training
Freedom's Wing's International as a club from very beginning as I remember, was fortunate of having very good, experienced instructors. I joined club in 2003 and...
Kris Lapinski
Kris Lapinski
@kris-lapinski • last year • comments: 0
Posted a new experience:
Wave Soaring
To meet all requirements for my instructor check ride I had to receive my spin training.  Thanks to my instructor, Bruce Brown we scheduled this training on Wednesday...
Kris Lapinski
@kris-lapinski • 2 years ago • comments: 1
Posted a new experience:
Recovering what was almost lost
I started flying long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It was in Poland in 1980. Before my 16 birthday I had my mandatory 3 parachute jumps and my first solo...

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