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How many hours did you have before you Solo'd?

6 years ago
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And how many hours did you have when you were signed off for your PPL Checkride?
pete golden
pete golden
6 years ago
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well i cant remember how many hours when i soloed

but our founder irv sobel soloed in a glider with exactly 24 minutes (he was ready at 14 but his instructor wanted 3 landings 1st) he progressed through private, commercial, and instructor in just 2 months time (not sure how many hours logged)

he was a commercial pilot with american airlines who holds a current 747 speed record and had extensive military experience as well  including being the 2nd t fly the worlds fastest (at the time) plane.

so thats far from typical

in general (meanning there are exceptions) your age can affect how quickly you learn and reach solo/ppl

if you start at 12 or 16 you learn alot faster then starting at 60

but that does not translate directly into being a better pilot, while i knew a girl who stared at 9 and at 18 was flying in world  championships, she had flown WITH world champs  from 14 on

but in general those who start later in life may progress more slowly they often end up being better pilots in the long run

on average, a student can expect  if given the opportunity to get in a reasonable number of training flights  to solo in 1 season  and get their check out flight  near the end of the second season

thats fairly typical of most experiences

have you flown with us? are you wanting to?

are you disabled?  whats the nature of the disability whats your age weight tc

we will have a new disabled instructor on nov 20th, (who holds 2 state records) so will be able to do more lessons this next season. we may leave 1 plane available for winter flying too.

head dreadhead at dreadlocks site
glider pilot student with freedoms wings international soaring for people with disabilities
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