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pete golden

Glider Breaks Speed Record - Fly Along Entire Task at 100.23 mph

category: crosscountry
Duration: 00:38:57
Watch as a glider breaks the Utah 100 km triangle speed record of 95.2 mph set back in 2003 by flying 100.23 mph (162 km/h). This flight was recorded on August 5, 2017 just south of Nephi, Utah and shows the entire task which took just over 37 minutes to fly. The glider is an ASW27B high performance sailplane. One of the interesting things about this video is how quickly the glider picks up speed on the beginning dive. It took me by surprise and I ended up flying a little faster than I had planned to. Another 2 seconds and the glider would have quickly flown through its max speed and ripped off the wings. It is just a testament to how aerodynamic these aircraft really are. The camera used was a GoPro Hero 4+ and the video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. To see the GPS flight trace of this record flight attempt, go to
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