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pete golden

Introduction in Cross Country Soaring with Paul S and DG505

category: crosscountry
Duration: 01:07:42
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From Weston on the Green to Oxford and back plus some aerobatics...
It is barelly XC flight, since with that (12-15kts) wind, from Oxford having 4000ft you can get easily get back to WOG on Ka8, or even in T21, but there were different things covered, finding thermals, centering thermals, some navigation, streeting and at the end some aerobatics for fun. I

00:53 - Take off
01:40 - 1550ft QFE - searching first lift
02:55 - First weak thermal is contacted at 1300ft
06:11 - After almost 3 minutes fiddling with 1kt thermal, we give up and we're going to find another lift
09:30 - Low point reached - 1000ft, after circling in sink
10:15 - Finally there is some lift! Yay! Not very strong, but we're climbing!
11:30 - Lift is getting stronger
12:35 - I have control :) and we're still climbing (1800ft).
15:30 - Practicing thermal centering with Paul's help
19:30 - While thermalling, plan where to go next
20:20 - 2800ft is reached, now going to street of clouds, don't forget to increase speed in sink!
22:00 - Reaching street of clouds (2200ft)
24:20 - Stopping in stronger lift (2400ft), 8kts found!
27:14 - Flying under street of clouds (3300ft QFE)
29:30 - Stopping in another 6kts thermal
31:30 - Joining another glider in thermal
34:00 - Cloud base reached - 3800ft Weston QFE, flying under street of clouds
44:00 - NE part of Oxford reached with almost no loss of height (3600ft)
46:00 - Baloons!
46:20 - Admiring Oxford from 3500ft.
49:45 - Where is Weston airfield?
50:25 - Heading back to Weston!
54:00 - Back over A34/M40 round about.
55:00 - Practicing some aerobatics
59:50 - We're going to land, but before, let's SPIN!
1:02:00 - SPIN
1:03:00 - going back to the airfield
1:04:40 - Flying over A34/M40 round about, heading to high key area
1:05:40 - Let's say that was high key area,
1:06:00 - on downwind leg
1:06:28 - 3rd turn to base leg
1:06:52 - On final
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