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pete golden

Glider Over Grand Canyon - Full Version

category: crosscountry
Duration: 04:45:44
This is uninterrupted video of the full leg of my dream flight gliding from Nephi, Utah down to the Grand Canyon 243 miles to the sound in my ASW27 sailplane. I then flew all the way back to Nephi and landed but my SD card an my GoPro camera filled up and I was not able to get much of the return leg's flying on video. Many friends have asked to see the full video - so here you go in all its glory and boring parts. I sure hope you enjoy it. To see a shortened version of this flight, check outNephi to Grand Canyon in a Glider - Is it Possible?. I sure hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Bruno - B4

For a gps trace of the flight go to
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