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pete golden

Glider Makes 300 Foot Low Save Over Field

category: crosscountry
Duration: 00:12:43
300 feet over a farmer's field, I finally hit a little bit of lift. I join 2 hawks circling above the tree tops looking down hunting and I am happy the glider isn't sinking any more. After a few turns, the glider has climbed 20 feet. Maybe I can still stay up! Where did the birds go? The trees lining the field edges look so big, I need to make sure to keep my airspeed up and fly coordinated. At this altitude, there is no room for error. The horizon is so high up in the canopy. It is a beautiful late October day out of Nephi, Utah and I feel so lucky to be able to fly my magic carpet one more time before putting it away in its trailer. Back to circling, I'm still slowly going up. The ground looks so much further away, yet I am still well below comfortable altitude. I could put my gear down and land within 15 seconds. The sun is shining. I feel so alive. My inner battery is recharging. So humbled to be lucky to fly. How I will miss flying it over the upcoming dark winter months. Just another reason to look forward to next Spring. I've now climbed 250 feet. I'm only 550 feet above the ground but it feels like I'm into the stratosphere compared to the 300 feet I was at just ten minutes ago. Where did the birds go? Still climbing only a few dozen feet per minute. I'm in no rush. This moment is perfection. The sun feels good on my bare arms through the canopy. It is so peaceful - the air just a whisper over the canopy. I can feel the little bubbles of lift pushing my long wings up. I must not forget this moment. Thank goodness I'm videoing... :) Thanks everyone for watching, Bruno - B4
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