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pete golden

Unlimited & Advanced Glider Aerobatics by Ramon Dormans 2016

category: aerobatic
Duration: 00:03:44
Join me on board the world's most high performance aerobatic gliders flying the Swift S-1 and MDM-1 Fox during my first competition season. Contest results:
- 1st place at the British Glider Aerobatic Championships;
- 2nd place at the Saltby Open.

Many thanks go to Guy Westgate, GliderFx, Mazen Makari and George Rizk for their help and generosity in providing me the opportunity to fly, train and compete in their Fox and Swift aircraft.

Locations include the airport of La Cerdanya situated in the Pyrenees in Spain and Saltby airport in the United Kingdom.
The footage is captured from different angles with various GoPro models.

Thank you for watching. :-)
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