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@harrykane140693 • 5 years ago • comments: 0
Created a new forum topic "First Flight To Solo":
"I’m not sure how to set up the student flair on the Apollo app, but I’m a student who just soloed for the first time this last Saturday. Having had the..."


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pete golden
08/06/18 02:12:33PM @soaringeagle:


have you ever had the opportunity to fly gliders before?

no matter what else you fly, glider experience automatically makes you a far better pilot.

think of any pilot thats pulled off a miracle saving hundreds of passengers (like scully and the miracle on the  hudsen) and you can be sure they are also glider pilots. 

scully for instance, the tower urged him to go on. divert to another airport, over a populated area.

being a glider pilot he ran the numbers and could see from his glide slope there was no way he would make it. he also knew there was just 1 place he could land.

only a glider pilot would think that way and choose the safer landing over the towers suggestion for a divert to airport that would result in a crash, and deaths