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Condor Wave flight task

pete golden
pete golden
3 years ago
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Wave bye bye to the ground and fly as high as you can.

Some tips to safely complete this task:

  • Don't fly too fast, take it slow and climb high, however for a good portion you will be flying into a strong headwind, crossing ridges upwind make sure you are good and high and flying fast enough to cross while moving fairly slow over the ground.
  • Head significantly off course to the west early on climbing as high as you can before heading to turnpoint 1
  • Hit turnpoint 1 and the wave right at the turnpoint. Climb as high as you dare! map records 46,655.18 ft
  • Remember vne is drastically reduced at high altitudes! The indicated airspeed might be below stall speed but you are really about to rip your wings off! Setting a aft cg and 100% trim will still require significant back stick to keep from over speeding. Remember the air is thin, just cause it feels mushy doesn't mean your about to stall.

post your task results and flight track

dificulty: challenging

strong crosswind takeoff and landing

ridge strong lift easy climbs but requires excess airspeed to cross ridges upwind

wave narrow wave forms near turnpoint fairly decent climb rates but can be easy to lose high up..  above 30,000 controllability gets more challenging and speed range control is vitally important..

wave2.fpl  •  2KB

head dreadhead at dreadlocks site
glider pilot student with freedoms wings international soaring for people with disabilities

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