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Ernie Hilborn

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My wife and I now live in Mesa, AZ after spending many years in the Midwest.  I initially learned to fly gliders during my senior year in high school at Skylark Gliderport at Lake Elsinore, CA, and received my private license.  Then after college I worked at a couple of flight schools in Compton and Long Beach where I got my single engine land license.  I was away from soaring with a few exceptions for quite a number of years.  After moving to Arizona I began looking for soaring options and found Prescott Area Soaring and my profile picture is from my first solo flight in 39 years.

I work in the software / I.T. industry and my current employer works with public sector customers, and is very veteran focused.  This brought me to a longtime goal of helping people with disabilities to experience soaring.  That's why I started looking at Freedom's Wings International.  Also, one of my companies major resellers is located in NJ and I was ready to visit FWI before the COVID-19 pandemic happened.  And will visit once we can travel again.

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