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Cloud Dancer - Cockpit Version

category: wave
Duration: 00:47:06
It's a long one. Most of the raw footage from the cockpit Gopro. I've trimmed out most of the monotonous back and forth and tried to keep the bits where I attempt to give some insight to what's I think is happening. The point where I give up on the quest to go south and go and play in the clouds, the awesome last 20 minutes of the flight to joining overhead the airfield is shown in its entirety. I'll upload the landing separately as there seems to be a glitch in the file here.

Book marks:

00:01 Time lapse monologue - indication of where the wave is
01:05 launch
04:39 rotor on tow
06:53 tow release
07:13 whispies having climbed 1000' in the same sporadic lift
09:04 flarm alarm, whispies and Up Up Up...
09:27 stuck at 3800' QFE (4000' ASL)
11:16 clouds more defined having fallen down to 3500'
12:03 fly past Miles in LS7 GBY
13:08 contact consistent wave along cloud edge
14:53 4450' climbing with Miles
15:30 not a bad view - looking south along the bar with Miles
15:55 5700' slotting behind Pete in Discus 230
16:42 7500' plans to try and go south
17:21 airspace warning on Oudie (map orientation is track up)
18:33 realised my mistake and gone back to climb up again
20:25 going east to try a bar that had formed upwind and going back west when it didn't work
22:25 good looking bars going south
22:30 trying the eastern bar again
23:26 nice view south
23:44 running alongside the airway
24:05 turning west to jump to the other wave bar for play time
25:14 100kt cloud skimming
26:05 oh look at this!
26:32 turning on my horizon in case I fall into the cloud
27:03 going north along the wave bar
31:35 north end going well
31:56 swooping to the orange whispies
33:37 my wing is on fire
34:09 beautiful light on the wave bar
35:19 wing over into the sun
37:05 going for the barrel of the wave
38:29 jumping to the bar to the northwest
40:45 turning for home
42:35 taking pictures of space ships
46:26 Barry landing (white speck on the field bottom right of screen)
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