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pete golden

Sport of Kings - Gliding along the summit ridge of Mount Cook New Zealand

category: general
Duration: 00:03:07
Gliding over the top of Mount Cook by Gavin Wills and with a Duo Discus glider and GA200 Fatman tow plane. Shot by Natural History Ltd for a TVNZ TV documentary on Mount Cook National Park.

Normally we soar to the Mount Cook summit ridge from Omarama without the tow-plane! That takes 1 to 2 hours depending on conditions. Best conditions for the soaring the summit ridge include light west or north west wind (15 to 30 knots) with some wave development to the south.

Wind on this day was about 10 knots whispering over the 2km long summit ridge which enabled us to remain there as long as we liked!

Soaring the summit ridge of Mount Cook is one of the truly great glider flights on the planet.
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