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Glider Winch Launch Emergency Training

category: general
Duration: 00:31:16
This video shows the second half of my glider winch training to earn a ground launch endorsement. I've always wanted to do this! It is an amazing rocket ship ride getting airborne in less than 2 seconds and climbing faster than an airliner on takeoff! Filmed at Nephi, Utah in a Grob Twin Astir glider using our club's newly refurbished winch with Bill Daniels in the back seat instructing. You will see a few higher launches and practice zero G pushovers simulating a rope break while ascending, and then we do actual rope releases while on tow starting up high and progressively getting lower. The pilot must then decide what is the safest way to land based on how high the glider is at release and its position over the airport. It is both challenging and Crazy fun!

The pilot must always react immediately to a release or rope break by pushing the stick forward to get the nose of the aircraft down and keep airspeed above stall. At a 45 degree climb angle on a winch, every second after a rope break that you don't push forward, you lose 12 knots of airspeed! You have just a few seconds before stall. That is why this kind of training and practice is so necessary.

At first, winching seems like it is more dangerous than aero tow, but with the proper training, it is safer and much less expensive. We are excited to have Bill here with us all summer training both our club members and other pilots who want to learn how to safely fly and launch this way. Visit to contact us for either a ride or to receive training. Thanks so much for watching! Bruno - B4
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