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Glider Emergency Rope Break at 200ft Practice

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Duration: 00:06:06
When flying a glider behind a tow plane, there is the chance that the rope can break at any moment. It is good to occasionally practice a low rope break with the help of a qualified flight instructor. This is basically putting yourself into an emergency situation with an instructor riding along and making sure you do everything right because you don't have the altitude to mess up and will likely crash the glider. This was my first soaring flight for 2018 flying out of Nephi, Utah. I was doing my spring checkout for the local Utah soaring club to dust off the flying skills and for a gliding instructor to make sure I was safe to fly again. Looks like I passed. Thanks so much to John Gonthier for going up with me and for the very helpful tips and advice. You can never stop learning and I know I have a lot to still learn. We are flying a Grob Twin Astir which is a two place sailplane with medium performance. I can't wait to get back into the cockpit of my own gliders and do some fun cross country soaring soon. Stay tuned and thanks as always for the support, comments and watching! Bruno - B4
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