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FSX Mission Austrian Alpine Soaring Course オーストリア アルプス ソアリングコース

category: Gaming
Duration: 01:17:34
Austrian Alpine Soaring Course

Ready for a race? This mission will test your soaring skill. Make your way around this challenging competition course, then land at Zell Am See Airport (LOWZ).

The secret to getting the best time is learning how to make the trade-off between speed and altitude. You can fly at your glider's minimum sink speed of 80 knots, or gain extra altitude then fly at your best glide ratio speed of 110 knots. Managing your speed and altitude wisely is what's it's all about!

The mission begins in flight, approaching the start line. Your ground crew will monitor your progress via radio telemetry.


Fly around the course as quickly as possible. Altitude is at your discretion.
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