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Adverse Yaw, a Stick and Rudder Fundamental

category: general
Duration: 00:06:23
Join Master CFI Jim Alsip in another episode of Hangar Talk, a video series that promotes airmanship, the use of stick and rudder. To that end there are only two things to master: don’t stall and control yaw. In this video, Jim talks about controlling adverse yaw; explaining how the horizontal component of lift turns an airplane when the wings are banked, and that the use of ailerons to create the bank causes adverse yaw. This video shows you what adverse yaw looks like, and explains how to control that yaw with rudder.

You can learn more about airmanship and stick and rudder skills at Select the Hangar Talk Page to read Jim’s monthly posts and select the E-Store Page to review Jim’s current books and DVD.

Dylan Aviation School of Airmanship, located at Indiantown Florida (X58), offers courses of instruction in: basic aerobatics - emergency maneuvers - stall, spin, upset recovery - tailwheel skills.
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