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pete golden
one week ago
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The condor clubs server listing found here will now have ongoing tasks called daily

I already set up and flew a couple tasks with a couple other gliders, however, now i am transferring all my flight plans and landscapes to the laptop carl gave me, and setting that up as a dedicated condor tasks server.

if possible i would like to host 3 daily tasksĀ  1 will challenge experts, 1 more intermediate, and 1 suitable for all

I hope to create new tasks to fly nearly daily

note: because the alpine arc and the California maps are large and offer a wide range of options these maybe the most used landscapes. but i am open to suggestions.

Additionally, I will be setting up some competitions for us once I have the dedicated server figured out.

head dreadhead at dreadlocks site
glider pilot student with freedoms wings international soaring for people with disabilities
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